• Show respect for officials and other players
  • Encourage in your support
  • Be courteous to all
  • Applaud good play
  • Verbally support in a proactive manner
  • Remember victory is not everything
  • Children are playing for their OWN enjoyment, NOT yours
  • Enjoy the day and transmit that enthusiasm to the players


  • Do not force your child to play
  • Do not stray on to the pitch at any time
  • Do not verbally abuse match officials – remember they are volunteers
  • Do not verbally abuse players or other spectators
  • Do not use bad language
  • Do not threaten or intimidate anyone
  • Do not become involved in physical aggression
  • Do not do anything which is likely to offend by way of insult, humiliation or discrimination

Parent & Spectator Code of Conduct

The Good Parent’s code

In Rugby Union, Coaches and administrators both fully acknowledge that parents are an integral part of the partnership, which ensures that young players enjoy their involvement in the sport and experience an environment in which they can flourish.
In Rugby Union parents are encouraged to:

  • Be familiar with the coaching and training programme in order that they can ensure that their child is fully involved and the coaches are aware of their availability.
  • Be familiar with the teaching and coaching methods used by observing the sessions in which your child participates.
  • Be aware that the club has a duty of care and therefore, where appropriate, assist coaches with the supervision of the young players, particularly where numbers are large and there is a need to transport youngsters to away games.
  • Be involved with club activities and share your expertise
  • Share any concerns you may have directly with the club officials – Coaches/team Managers etc rather than indirectly by any public social media including but not limited to any closed Group Team Parent chats.
  • Be familiar with the “Good Coach’s code”. In particular:
    o Coaches should recognise the importance of fun and enjoyment when coaching young players.
    o Coaches should keep winning and losing in perspective, encouraging young players to behave with dignity in all circumstances.
    o Coaches should be fully aware of the Laws relating to their particular Age group

** It is important that parents support Coaches in instilling these virtues **

The Good Spectator’s code

Young rugby players are impressionable and their behaviour will often reflect that of adults around them. In Rugby Union we welcome spectators on our touchlines who embrace the ethos of the game as one of fun, enjoyment and skill development.

In Rugby Union spectators are encouraged to

  • Act as positive role models to all young players.
  • Be familiar with, and abide by, the RFU Safeguarding guidance in relation to verbal and emotional abuse.
  • Respect the rugby club policy with regard to spectator behaviour.

In Rugby Union spectators should

  • Remember children play sport for THEIR enjoyment NOT yours.
  • Acknowledge good individual and team performance from all youngsters irrespective of which team they play for.
  • Respect all match official’s decisions. Remember, they are volunteers providing an opportunity for youngsters to play rugby.
  • Never verbally abuse young players, match officials, fellow spectators or Coaches. Such behaviour can create a negative environment for young players and their behaviour will often reflect this.
  • Acknowledge effort and good performance rather than the “win at all costs” ethic.
  • Verbally encourage all youngsters in a positive way. If you do want to shout make sure it is ‘for’, not ‘at’, the players.
  • Condemn bad language, rude behaviour and violence.
  • Encourage all youngsters irrespective of their ability – never ridicule any individual player, regardless of the team they play for.
  • Remember – It’s only a game!